Step 1: Create a free account

You can do this here –

Step 2: Set up your business profile

Click on the business profile tab at the top left of your screen and input your information.

The business profile will be visible by the wedding couple and all the guests at the wedding, it’s the perfect opportunity to market your business. The wedding guests will be able to contact you through your business profile, so make it look good. Click here for help setting it up.

Step 3: Create an album

Create an album by clicking ‘ALBUMS’ at the top left of the screen and then click ‘+ ADD NEW ALBUM’ to the right of your screen. Once the album is created, open it by clicking on it. Need help? Click here.

Step 4: Share the album

The wedding couple has to create an account with Wedbox to see and download the photos. They can do this here:

Download for Android »               Download for iOS »

There are two ways to connect:

  1. You give them the album ID, which they input into in the photographer section on the app.
  2. They give you the wedding ID, which you can enter in the box below where you find the album ID.

Whichever way you connect, you can check it was successful by clicking on the cog icon to the right of ‘SHARE’, and look under ‘ALBUM ACCESS’.

Step 5: Upload your photos

Once you’ve uploaded you are done. The wedding couple and guests will be able to view the photos alongside your business profile within the Wedbox app. The wedding couple will be able to download in HD for 24 months. There is no limit to how many photos you can upload and store.

contact the wedding guests

Step 6: Contact the wedding guests

Send your personalised message to and it will be forwarded to the wedding couple and wedding guests. It is the perfect opportunity to ask for referrals and if any of them will need your service in the future. For help or advice about what to write please contact the Wedbox PRO support team – click here.

How it looks for the wedding couple

In the video you can see a wedding being created on the Wedbox app by a wedding couple. They input the album ID (which you give to them) to connect to the album you created. The last part of the video shows how the wedding couple and guests will see your business profile and how they can contact you.

How does the matchmaking service work?

Watch the video and then follow this link: Wedbox PRO matchmaking service

Add your information to get matched to wedding couples in need of a photographer. When you sign up to Wedbox PRO there is no limit to the amount of leads you can get.